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Bigabang ("Craft a bigger bang")

We encourage businesses to yield for sustainable growth and to build up critical core competences in the organization. What are those today for sales and marketing? Together we will find out. Our services range from market analysis and strategy development to recruiting, branding and temporary outsourcing of sales and marketing-related functions.

Think big.

Few key figures can be used to determine how robust and scalable a business model is. We always look at your business model and unit economics first. This helps determine where you should invest: sales, marketing, product, people...

Numerous companies have been focusing certain markets for sheer historic reasons. Thorough target market analyses to carve out the most lucrative market segments rarely happen outside of M&A deal flows or turnaround strategies. Yet this is a massive game-changer. Let us show you. 

When companies see weaknesses in their own marketing or lead gen machine, it's usually a matter of limited market reach and awareness as well as  a lack of understanding how data-driven marketing models work. 

Growth requires both momentum in the market and new skills that have emerged from the digitization of sales, among other things. Many companies do not have these critical skills in-house or are trapped in outdated role models and organizational forms. 

HBR: B2B Sales Culture Must Change to Make the Most of Digital Tools 

Today’s B2B sellers drive greater customer loyalty and business success by addressing customer pain points, creating value in every interaction, and stitching together the unpredictable pathways buyers use to reach a decision. To start, integrating digital technology and salespeople to achieve a superior customer experience requires a robust digital support system. Key elements include a foundational digital platform, data analytics, and tools that provide a holistic view of buyers and enable the coordination and orchestration of their journey.
Read the full article on HBR, here...

Forbes: Revenue Operations Is The Fastest Growing Job In America. So What Is Revenue Operations?

Revenue Operations has emerged as the fastest growing job in the US right now according to jobs analysis by Linked In. But a quick Google search will tell you nobody really agrees on what Revenue Operations is. Few can define it. Our analysis of hundreds of RevOps job descriptions, and discussions with over seventy executives who carry the Revenue Operations moniker in their title – it’s pretty clear that no one job description is the same. Rather, Revenue Operations describes a conflation of a dozen or more historically fragmented functions and roles – Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Marketing Operations, Customer Analytics, as well as Training and Development. Read the full article on Forbes here...

World Economic Forum: Companies need to digitally grow up, or risk losing employees

Gen Z grew up with tech in their hands and information at their fingertips. So the fact that the generation of 15-second TikTok videos and 280-character tweets doesn’t tolerate cumbersome, manual work processes should surprise no one.
Gen Z expects everything—work tasks included—to be advanced, accessible, and automated. While some generations see this as doing the bare minimum, Gen Z believes they are working smarter, not harder. Employers looking to attract and retain Gen Z employees must adopt their mantra. After all, the vast majority (91%) of Gen Zers (pdf) say that an employer’s provided technology would be a factor in choosing between job offers. Read the complete article on ...

A bespoke team for you.

We are your virtual function for growth or demand gen. Following a proven methodology, we assess your specific challenge. Next we lay out how to proceed and the effort involved. Once you buy in, we put together a temporary team for you. Clearly defined project goals, transparent costs, ROI in sight.

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